Riley County Council on Aging (RCCOA)


To represent the older population in Riley County in funding requests, supporting proposals and projects important to aging, determining and communicating the needs and services for the aging while encouraging and facilitating activities that benefit older persons by coordinating with agencies and organizations that work with older persons.

Executive Board Positions 

  • Chair, Tom Finney
  • 1st Vice Chair, Kevin Larson
  • 2nd Vice Chair, Rachel Moreland
  • Treasurer, Herman Kastner
  • Secretary, Ruth Screen
  • 1st executive board member, Carol Cowen
  • 2nd executive board member, Charlotte Shawver
  • 3rd executive board member, Jim Sipes
  • Past Chair, Mary Jo Harbour - (785) 539-1939 

County Appointments 

  • Mary Beth Reese (Ben Wilson, District 1 Appointee)
  • Steven Thurlow (Marvin Rodriguez, District 2 Appointee)
  • Dave Fiser (Ron Wells, District 3 Appointee)

Senior Organizations

  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Cathy Bolte, NARFE

Funded Agencies 

  • Karen Mayse, Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging
  • Chris Nolte, Homecare & Hospice
  • Jim Olson, Leonardville Council on Aging
  • Judy Grossnickle, Ogden 60 +
  • Sheri Storer - Blue Valley Randolph Seniors
  • Susan Bergsten, Riley Senior Meals (City of Riley)
  • Lori Bishop, Flint Hills Volunteer Center/Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
  • Jami Ramsey, Riley County Senior Service Center (Manhattan)
  • M. Chance-Reay, Silver-Haired Legislator (Riley Co)
  • Judy Kimball, Zeandale Senior Center