Environmental Health

Mission Statement
To support and enforce the Riley County Sanitary Code through education, evaluation, permits, and inspections.

The Environmental Health Specialist:
  • evaluates soil profiles
  • conducts percolation tests for home sites
  • issues permits for wastewater treatment systems and domestic water wells
  • signs certificates of occupancy.
Permit Applications and fees are received in Planning and Development for all Riley County:
  • septic repair permits
  • plugging of existing water wells
  • laboratory testing of domestic water wells (Monday through Wednesday)
  • evaluation of septic and water systems for real estate transactions
  • radon testing
Environmental Health promotes public sewer and water system connections, works to prevent the improper dumping of solid waste, supports recycling and waste reduction, and conservation to reduce nutrient loading on local lakes and streams. Staff supports education and will make presentations when requested to local officials, schools, and public water system operators.


Steven DeHart, Environmental Health Specialist
(785) 537-6332 x7505