Public Health Emergency Preparedness

What is Public Health Emergency Preparedness?

With threats ranging from natural disasters to disease outbreaks, public health emergency preparedness coordinates with partners on the local, regional, state, and federal level to ensure the community is ready to respond to and recover from emergencies. We monitor the health of the community, analyze risks and create plans for mitigation, response, and recovery from disaster with health in mind in order to keep Riley County safe and healthy


Preparedness Actions

How do we prepare for public health emergencies?

  • Attend and provide input within Local Emergency Planning Committee Meetings within Riley County and also within regional healthcare meetings
  • Participate in ongoing biosurveillance and epidemiological investigation
  • Aid community resilience in providing for community preparedness and recovery considerations
  • Mitigate health and safety issues by dispensing medical countermeasures and responding to public health emergencies
  • Provide the public with emergency information and warnings
  • Participate in training, drills, and exercises to test and improve our capabilities for planning and response

Community Preparedness

How can YOU help us help you?

Regardless of the source of public health threats, the best way for you to protect the health of your friends and family, your community, and of yourself is to endeavor to be prepared yourself. Personal preparedness takes a variety of forms, whether it be creating your own disaster supply kit (home, work, travel, all of the above), planning for emergency communication and coordinating evacuation with family members, or just improving your daily situational awareness