1. Administrative Services & Counselor

    The Administrative Services office consists of the County Counselor’s office. It provides legal counsel to the Board of Commissioners and County Department Heads.

  2. Appraiser

    The Appraiser’s office is responsible for locating, identifying, and appraising all property within Riley County.

  3. Community Corrections

    Community Corrections provides a cost effective means of public safety through highly structured community supervision. The agency supervises high risk juvenile and adult felons that are Court-Ordered intensive supervision.

  4. County Attorney

    The Riley County Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases that occur in Riley County, both juvenile and adult. In addition to criminal prosecution, this office also handles Child In Need of Care Cases, Involuntary Commitments, and Traffic cases.

  5. County Clerk & Elections

    The Riley County Clerk’s Office handles many of the administrative functions of the county including Elections, Budgets, Human Resources, Payroll, and Taxes.

  6. County Commissioners

    The Riley County Commissioners meet twice a week to discuss and conduct county business. During these meetings they are responsible for approving the budget, adopting personnel policies and pay plans for all county offices, providing for adequate county government facilities, setting tax levies, determining township boundaries, and making citizen appointments to county boards. In addition to these responsibilities they take on the roles of legislator, public manager, community leader, citizen liaison, inter-local diplomat, and federal and state lobbyist.

  7. District Court

    The Riley County District Court is a trial court in Kansas, which is located in the 21st Judicial District, along with the Clay County District Court. District Court has general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including but not limited to domestic, limited civil, small claims, probate, guardian conservatorships, mental illness and juvenile matters. In addition to those cases, District Court also issues marriage licenses, coordinates jurors for jury trials and provides offender supervision with Court Services.

  8. Emergency Management

    Riley County Emergency Management is the designated disaster agency for the county with the responsibility for coordinating the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from disasters.

  9. Environmental Health

    Environmental Health is a division of Planning & Development and is responsible for supporting and enforcing the Riley County Sanitary Code through education, evaluation, permits, and inspections.

  10. Fire District #1

    Riley County Fire District #1 provides fire services to all unincorporated areas of Riley County and provides first responder level medical services in cooperation with Riley County EMS.

  1. Health Department

    The Riley County Health Department provides a wide variety of services that keeps our primary client, the community, healthy. Our mission is to assure that everyone in a community has optimal health regardless where they live, work, learn, play, and pray. Health starts long before illness, even before we are born. Our services are provided to anyone over the life course: before birth through senior years. The Health Department cherishes the collaboration and partnerships with other community organizations and providers to keep people healthy.

  2. Historical Museum

    The Riley County Historical Museum preserves and presents the history of Riley County through exhibits, publications, educational programs, and its archives and library.

  3. Household Hazardous Waste

    Riley County Household Hazardous Waste works to keep a safe environment by providing a place to safely dispose of unwanted hazardous materials.

  4. Human Resources

    Human Resources is a division of the County Clerk and is responsible for employment and benefit information for the County.

  5. IT/GIS

    The Riley County Information Technology Department is responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of all county information systems and technology related hardware and software. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) works to facilitate, enhance, support, and enable the 'decision making processes' within the Riley County infrastructure through the use of electronic geographic based data.

  6. Noxious Weed

    The Riley County Noxious Weed Department provides cost-share herbicides for noxious weed control and total vegetation management for Riley County residents.

  7. Planning & Development

    Coordinates the design, adoption and implementation of comprehensive planning; guides the development of land through Zoning and Subdivision Regulations; and furthers environmental health by education and the regulation of water and wastewater systems through the Sanitary Code to ensure that all resources of the County are preserved, developed and managed in a manner that promotes the highest quality of life for present and future citizens.

  8. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is dedicated to planning, developing and maintaining the County's infrastructure, solid waste program, facilities, benefit districts and other services in a manner which provides safe travel for the general public and enhances the quality of life in Riley County.

  9. Register of Deeds

    The Register of Deeds office is required to record all documents submitted by the public which are qualified to be recorded, maintain an up-to-date and accurate set of indices which show the correct ownership of land in the entire county, and perform all functions of a clerical and technical nature to accomplish that objective.

  10. Treasurer & Motor Vehicle

    The major functions for County Treasurer’s Office are: Collecting Taxes for all Riley County entities, Titling and Registering Motor Vehicles, Renewing Kansas Driver’s license and ID cards, Investing all County Funds and Distributing Tax Dollars to the various taxing entities. We also collect delinquent taxes, maintain the active checking account for the county, maintain property tax payment records, administer the credit card payment process for all departments and maintain the postage machine and accounts for all departments.