Riley County Government Representatives

Historical List of Elected Officials

Records date back to 1855.
Historical List of Elected Officials (pdf)

Your Current County Elected Officials

County Commissioners

Ben Wilson:                         Represents District 1: Elected in November 2014

Marvin Rodriguez:                Represents District 2: Elected in November 2016

Ron Wells:                           Represents District 3: Elected in November 2012

County Attorney                    Barry Wilkerson Elected in November 2004
County Clerk                         Rich Vargo Elected in November 1996
County Treasurer                   Shilo Heger, appointed to replace R. Eileen King- retired Aug 1, 2014, Elected November 2016
County Register of Deeds       Debra J. Regester Elected in November 2008

City Governments- Elected November 2017

City of Manhattan (pdf)     

City of Leonardville (pdf)    

City of Ogden (pdf)              

City of Randolph (pdf)       

City of Riley (pdf)             

Township Boards

Clerks Elected November 2014
Treasurers and Trustees Elected November 2016

Township Boards (pdf)

Precinct Officers (Elected Primary August 2016)

Precinct Officer list is also updated to include 2016 Write-In Winners
and Precinct Appointments made by local Party Chairs. 

Riley County Democratic Party Chair:  Michael E. Gassmann
Riley County Republican Party Chair:  John Ball

Democratic Officers (pdf)    
Republican Officers (pdf)   

Improvement Districts- Elected November 2016

Improvement Districts (pdf)     

School Boards- Elected in  November 2017

    USD 378 (pdf)    
    USD 383 (pdf)    
    USD 384 (pdf) 

Your Current State and Federal Elected Officials

State and Federal Elected Officials for Riley County (pdf)