Complementary Para Transit Services

The Flint Hills aTa Bus provides origin to destination Para-transit service to individuals who
cannot use the regular Flint Hills aTa Bus Fixed Route service to make their trips. To be eligible
for this service, the functional limitations of an individual’s disability must prevent regular use of
Flint Hills aTa Bus Fixed Route service. Architectural and environmental barriers such as
distance, terrain or weather do not, standing alone, form a basis for eligibility. However,
consideration may be given to the interaction of environmental conditions (terrain and weather)
with the individual’s impairment related condition. Disability alone does not automatically
qualify an individual for origin to destination bus service.

To become eligible for service, applicants along with a qualified professional such as: physician
(M.D. or D.O.), registered nurse, physical or occupational therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist,
mental health counselor, vocational counselor, rehabilitation specialist, independent living skills
trainer, or ophthalmologist must complete and submit PART A and PART B for review within 21
days of the day the applicant first rode the origins to destinations service.

Applicants will also need to complete an Authorization Form for Disclosure of Protected Health
Information attached to Part B that will be submitted by the qualified professional.