Manhattan Route Changes Summer 2019

New aTa Bus Routes Will Launch in July 29, 2019!

Flint Hills aTa Bus, alongside the Flint Hills MPO, has listened to rider/community feedback and analyzed ridership data. Based on the feedback and results, this information was used to find efficiencies in the system and find solutions to areas of concern. 

New systems highlights are:
  • Faster & more direct bus routes
  • Better to & from access to major destinations
  • More user-friendly signage

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Route Specific Changes (Click the Circles Below for More Information) 

Current Route Color:

Future Route Number:

RedRoute Changes Red to 1 (image) Opens in new window
Route Changes Blue to 2 or 5 (image) Opens in new window
K-18 ConnectorRoute Changes Yellow to 3 (image) Opens in new windowGreenRoute Changes Green to 4 (image) Opens in new windowOrangeRoute Changes Orange to 1 or 2 (image) Opens in new window

Click Here to View the ChangesMHK_SystemMap_2019

Example Upgrades - Direct Service To/From:

South of Poyntzto/from
  • Walmart
  • Downtown
  • Dillons East
Direct both ways and no more loops!
  • K-State
  • Downtown
  • Walmart
Direct and no more transfers
Redbud/Stagg Hillto/from
  • Dillons Westloop
  • K-State
15 minutes
Scenic Driveto/from
  • Dillons Westloop
  • K-State
No transfers
  • Walmart
  • Dillons Westloop
  • Downtown
Direct and no transfers