Public Notices / Road Construction 

Current Road Construction Projects

Fancy Creek Road Bridge Project No. F.5-5.9

Project awarded to Ebert Construction, Wamego, KS, in the amount of $949,188.39. Construction scheduled to begin on November 4, 2019. The project has been allotted 150 working days with an anticipated completion date of May, 2020. 

Anderson Avenue Bridge Replacement Project No. N.7-23.6

Consultant - BG Consultants. Project awarded to Reece Construction Co. Inc., Salina, KS in the amount of $812,976.01. Shoo-fly detour construction is complete. Bridge construction will begin in 2020.

Future Construction Projects

Kitten Creek Road Culvert Replacement Project No. N.5-22.5

  • Consultant - Olsson Associates
  • Under design.

Peach Grove Road Culvert Replacement Project No. I.0-4.2

  • Consultant - SMH Consultants, P.A.
  • Field Check Plans reviewed by staff
  • Office Check Plans received and under review
  • Negotiating easement acquisitions