Solid Waste Management Plan

Each county in the State of Kansas is required to submit to the State a workable plan for the management of Solid Waste in their county.  The plan for Riley County was developed by the Solid Waste Management Committee and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on June 18, 1992.  The Solid Waste Management Committee reviews the plan annually and revisions are made and submitted to the State.  Every five years the plan is put through a formal update process where revisions are made.  Following any changes or revisions, the Board of County Commissioners holds at least one public hearing prior to approving a resolution adopting the updated plan.  The Board of County Commissioners will adopt the new updated plan by resolution.  Riley County's next five-year plan update is slated for 2019. 

To view the Solid Waste Management Plan please click on the document below.


  1. Riley County Offices: 110 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS 66502  •  Ph: 785-565-6200 Fx: 785-537-6394