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1. What are your hours?
2. Where are you located?
3. Where is WIC offered at?
4. Do I need an appointment?
5. Are there fees for services at the health department?
6. Do I need proof of income to qualify for services?
7. Can insurance be billed for clinic services?
8. How can I get help paying for my medications?
9. How can I find out about early childhood playgroups?
10. Where can I get a list of child care providers?
11. How do I make a complaint about a in home day care, center, preschool, drop-in program or school age program?
12. Can you help me get a child care scholarship?
13. How can I find out about starting a child care program?
14. How do I know if I need to get a food service license?
15. How do I make a complaint about food safety?
16. How do I make a complaint about a sewer system?
17. When do I need a septic system inspection?
18. Which services are in the Health Department building?
19. What services are in the Family and Child Resource Center?
20. Who qualifies for Family Planning services at the Health Department?
21. Are Family Planning services confidential for minors?
22. What does it mean to be a “mandated reporter” for child abuse and neglect?
23. Does the Health Department provide school physicals?
24. Where do you have blood pressure clinics?
25. When can I get a flu vaccination?
26. Do you have travel immunizations?
27. Am I expected to pay for services at the time of my visit?
28. Can the health department help me resolve a housing issue related to mold?