Registering to vote or updating your voter registration information in Kansas is easy!  If you are registering to vote for the first time, anytime you move, or if you have a name change you need to update your voter registration by filling out a new voter registration application! You can do this several different ways. You can register to vote on a Kansas Voter Registration Application,  On-Line Voter Registration, Federal Voter Registration Application, or in a DMV Office.  

Kansas Voter Registration Application (pdf)

On-Line Voter Registration Application

Federal Voter Registration Form (pdf)

As a precaution, please do not register to vote on-line within 45 Days of an actual election- register using the paper form. 

Where Can You Register To Vote?

Voter Registration Outposts (pdf)

You may fill out a voter registration application at any of these locations, however you are not registered to vote until the Riley County Clerk’s Office has processed your application.

You can mail you voter registration application to us, or walk it into the Riley County Clerk’s Office, 110 Court House Plaza, Suite B118, Manhattan KS 66502. You may also fax, or email your voter registration application to Fax # 785-537-6394

How to Verify Your Voter Application has been Processed

Within two weeks of the Clerk’s Office receiving your voter registration application you should receive a confirmation card from our office in the mail, confirming your registration, party affiliation, and polling location. If you have not heard from our office, please call to inquire at 785-537-6300. You can also check your information by clicking this link.                         


REMEMBER - If you move or change your name, you must re-register!