Internship, Shadowing & Volunteering

Riley County Health Department offers various internship, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year in several programs. Please select the tab below that best represents your interest in working with the health department. After you've explored the different options, select the proper documents from the menu on the right side of the screen.
  1. Internship Opportunities
  2. Shadowing Opportunities
  3. Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Training Requirements

Students who are interested in participating in an internship with the Riley County Health Department should complete the application and submit it to the Riley County Health Department. Applications should be submitted electronically.

In addition to the application, please include the following items:

o Résumé/CV

o Description of project/internship goals (500 words or less)

All internship requests will be processed based on completeness of application, résumé/CV and description. A response will be garnered as time permits, but within a two (2) week time frame after submission of appropriate documentation.

Application deadlines for MPH students are as follows:

o Fall Semester: 7/15

o Spring Semester: 11/15

o Summer Semester: 4/15

For other programs, rolling applications are accepted.

Program Areas:

• Administration

 • Public Health Clinic

• Childcare Licensing

 • Public Health Emergency Preparedness

• Maternal and Child Health

 • Raising Riley

• Health Education

 • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program

Compensation: Please note, the Riley County Health Department is unable to provide compensation for internships.